“Granny” raises a little hell


by Casey Hansen

On Thursday, Sept. 26 at 12:30 p.m., Dorris Haddock, 93, also known as “Granny D”, spoke at Simpson College’s Pote Theater during the first-year convocation.

Haddock’s speech included many messages for the freshman class, starting with some comments about her book, “Granny D You’re Never Too Old to Raise a Little Hell,” which each freshman was asked to read.

Haddock spoke about the position of Americans today. She also spoke about the events of Sept. 11 and how she feels the United States needs to find new ways to lead the world.

“If we are capable of creatively leading the world, let us do so. If we are not, let us profit by making our own chairs and let others profit by making their own,” said Haddock.

Haddock said that she encourages students to stand up for their rights in today’s society and urged them to protect the Bill of Rights.

“They are your rights and your freedoms and you had better get out in the streets if need be and defend them, once they are gone they are hard to gain back,” said Haddock.

Following her speech, Haddock answered several questions from students regarding her walk across the nation and her book.

In addition to her speech, Haddock was available during the day for meet and greet sessions, meals with students, and press appearances.

Haddock is well known for her trek across the United States from 1998-2000 to raise awareness about the need for campaign finance reform.

Haddock will begin a new 15,000 mile adventure across the nation beginning Oct. 1 on a mission to educate college students and working mothers about their duty as citizens to vote.

Unlike her walk across the nation, however, “Granny D” will be making this trip via a bus.