Seniors get the essentials


by Vania G. Quiroz

In order to get seniors ready for the job market, Simpson College Counseling and Career Services held “Senior Essentials” night Sept. 9.

“Senior Essentials” is an event where not only seniors, but juniors and sophomores as well, can attend in order to get an idea of what they should expect when looking for a job.

Career Specialist, Kate Burrell thought of the idea of having various “mini-sessions” for seniors in just one night. Burrell said she thought it would be easier for seniors to attend a big event than individual sessions each night.

“The main purpose of this kind of event is to give [students] the tools to begin their search for a job,” said Burrell.

“Senior Essentials” night began with a panel discussion where students could ask questions to employers and professionals. Some panel members were successful Simpson alumni.

“The employer panel was very helpful for students because they found out what most employers look for when hiring,” said Ann Greubel, secretary of counseling and career services.

After that, students had the opportunity to attend any of the four sessions offered.

An interviewing session was offered to students to inform them about how they can meet and interview with various employers all in one day.

It also included a description of an on-campus interviewing process.

The session about getting a job in a tight market appealed to most of the students that attended the event. This session emphasized how students can make good use of the resources surrounding them and also how they can develop relationships that will help them with their job search.

The other two sessions were dedicated to teaching students how to write resumes and cover letters and to help students discover their desired vocation.

Fifth-year student April Reineke attended the event last year. She said that she received useful insights about resumes and cover letters. However, she said that she feels there wasn’t enough information for science majors.

“I felt [Senior Essentials] was mainly concentrated on business majors,” said Reineke. “I didn’t attend this time, but I hope they had practice interviews for [science] majors like me.”

Senior Andrea Diaz said that she found the panel discussion helpful and that all of the employers and professionals seemed to be knowledgeable in their fields. She also said that the panel shared what was essential for future graduates to know.

“The fact that you have to stand out and make yourself different from the rest [in cover letters and applications] was stressed a lot,” said Diaz.

Greubel also said that job experience was an important quality that employers look for when hiring.

“Internships during college years can help with finding a job after graduation,” said Greubel. “[Counseling and Career Services] staff can also help with that.”

Counseling and Career Services staff will plan more events in the future for students preparing for graduation. However, staff members will help students prepare for interviews and review resumes and cover letters at any time.

“Students don’t have to wait until their senior year to come and talk to us,” said Denice Ross, director of counseling and career services. “They must feel welcome, especially seniors because they belong here.”