Simply Stated

by Simpson students

So what if I am a fifth year senior??? At least I am completinga major that I am going to enjoy, rather than sacrificing myhappiness to finish my education in four years and make otherpeople happy. I would rather be gone than here at SimpsonHightSchool with people who can’t handle that.

~ Fifth Year Senior

I would hope that Simpson has more social activities thanlearning how to safely execute a shack session or how to sneak outafter a one night stand. Are morals a thing of the past?

~ Up with morality


I am all for sex columns. I love “Sex and the City” and love theidea that The Simpsonian is making strides in being more open and,dare I say, “hip.” But at least Carrie Bradshaw (“Sex and the City”columnist) uses tact. I would hope that abstinence might play arole in future columns.

~ Abstinant and proud

I know a few metrosexuals. In fact, the article pinpointed myqualities. Thanks Vista for helping me see who I am!

~ Proud Metro

Way to go Simpson football. The Dutch are history. Keep it up.Where are the fans? Simpson… support your team. Show up Saturdaywhen we rock Cornell on our turf.

~ “Burning Ring of Fire” still lives at Simpson