Security Log

by compiled Shara Tibken

Date of incident: 9-30-03

Time of incident: 11:30 pm

Type of incident: Simple assault

Location: Pi Phi parking lot/alley

Police assistance: No

Narrative: Report of student assaulted in parking lot/alley ofPi Phi. Student received bruises and cut clothing. Unknown who isresponsible.

Date of incident: 10-6-03

Time of incident: 2 am

Type of incident: Vandalism

Location: W. Clinton Ave -100 block

Police assistance: Yes

Narrative: Numerous reports of vandalism in area: broken garagewindow, broken wood slates, damage to vehicle from brokenglass.

Date of incident: 10-7-03

Time of incident: 7 pm

Type of incident: Medical assistance

Location: Kresge

Police assistance: Yes

Narrative: Ambulance called to Kresge in regards to sickstudent. Student was not transported to hospital.