Winning streak comes to a close

by Jessica McDonald

The Storm was defeated 21-10 last weekend by the no. 7 WartburgKnights. After a scoreless first quarter, Simpson was on the boardwith freshman Sean Smith’s 26-yard field goal. Sophomore Dusty Kainscored the only Simpson touchdown of the game in the third quarter.The Storm defense held the Knights to 278 yards, which is wellbelow their average. Senior Randal Schultz led the defense with 13tackles.

Students at Simpson College have reason to celebrate. TheSimpson football team has had a successful season thus far, and totop it all off, the Storm beat its biggest rival, CentralCollege.

“We could not be happier with the position we’re in,” said headcoach Jay Niemann. “Everyone has been working really hard and hashad a positive attitude.”

At the mid-point of the season, the Storm had not lost a game.However, Niemann wants to take it one game at a time. He doesn’twant his players to get overconfident in their success.

“Any one of the teams in the [Iowa] conference can beat any teamon a given week,” said Niemann.

The Storm is in an exceptional position as they enter the secondhalf of the season. They have only lost one game, despite the factthat they are a young team with only 13 seniors this year. They’vealso had some coaching staff changes.

“Our goal at the beginning of the season was to get players tograsp the new systems we were implementing,” said Niemann. “Thedevelopment of our younger players was crucial as well.”

Simpson has drastically restructured their offense this seasongoing from a two back system to a one back system.

“We’re more balanced now,” said Niemann. “We’re throwing nowinstead of running all the time.”

Niemann is not taking a different approach to coaching as of nowtowards the Homecoming game. His players feel the same way.

“Every week is a challenge and that week will be no different, “said senior offensive lineman Doug Dodds.

Niemann’s hope for the Homecoming game is that the alumni andlarge audience will get to see some good football.

Senior wide receiver Mike Tiedeman does not feel there is extrapressure for the Homecoming game.

“I feel more excited than [I] feel pressured,” said Tiedeman.”It’s been a long time since we’ve had a season like this and it’sexciting.”

Football is not the only activity at Simpson during homecoming.Activities will be going on all week. Niemann understands that hisplayers are students as well as football players and they haveevery right to take part in the Homecoming festivities.

“I just want them to take part with responsibility and adelicate balance,” said Niemann.

Simpson’s outlook is good for a victory over Buena Vista. TheBeavers have lost two games out of three so far this season andSimpson has beaten BV three times out of the past fourmeetings.

Tiedeman is excited to play Buena Vista this year.

“If there is any team I want to beat, it’s BV,” he said. “I grewup near BV and it’s a personal rival for me; this game will be myCentral game.”