Stormin’ up the bedroom

Stormin up the bedroom

by Laura Dillavou

Inevitably, there are times when things less than romantichappen between the sheets. At the moment of mortification, one orboth persons have a plethora of emotions coursing through them.Here are some of Simpson’s horror stories, with helpful input fromseven males and four females around campus.

Broken Wind. All right, so your body is moving in positions thatare perhaps a stretch and not done everyday. Sometimes, a littlepassing of gas is bound to happen, also taking note of the night’sentrees. When this happens, the most common reaction among studentswas to ignore it. If the two partners were comfortable with eachother, a giggle or laugh may be let out.

Say My Name. To some, partner A is just the same as partner B.When a name that is not your own slips out of the mouth of another,there is little to do. Most people tried to cover it up, with arhyming word, a fumbled phrase, or a quick teaser, such as, “Justmaking sure you’re paying attention.”

However, this sort of blunder tends to sting. Don’t be surprisedif the process is either interrupted or stopped all together.Remember that nametags should not have to be worn, no matter howmany beers you’ve consumed.

Passing Out. When asked, the male perspective gave a heartyround of laughs with this question. Said one male, “I passed out,and when I woke up, she was still going. It didn’t seem to affecther much.” According to females, there is little that can beat the’pass out’ in the bedroom blunder test.

Whether the guy or the girl passes out, it is an obviousindicator of too much alcohol, your judgment, and your ability torationalize the situation.

When these unfortunate body bungles happen, there are a fewthings to keep in mind. First and foremost, be lighthearted aboutthe situation. If the tables were reversed, the other personlaughing in your face is not very comforting, nor is it good forthe self-esteem. Hopefully, the two of you can reminisce about thesituation later, and laugh with ease. Just remember that everyonemakes mistakes, so forgive and forget.