SIFE envisions new business aspiration Storm Cellar is just what Indianola needs


by Suzanne Barrett

With the hopes of creating a unique place where Simpson studentsand members of the community can go to have fun, members ofStudents In Free Enterprise at Simpson have mentioned plans for anew Indianola business called Storm Cellar.

“The first year that we had the SIFE program, the studentsdecided to do an extensive survey to find out the wants and needsof the community and students,” said Professor Pat Anderson, whoheads the organization in conjunction with Tom Schmidt.

The results of the survey showed that people wanted a coffeehouse and a dance hall in Indianola. To SIFE’s amazement,businesses fulfilling these wishes were added to the community.

Anderson said that the opening of these new businesses promptedSIFE to refocus on other things Indianola needed.

“We wanted to have a safe and enjoyable place for students togo,” said Anderson.

If Storm Cellar becomes a reality it will have many types ofrecreational activities for members of the community to engagein.

“We hope to have pool tables, pin ball, dart boards, playstation, a raised platform for open [microphone], a game room,restaurant, and a screening room,” said Anderson.

Simpson students have high hopes for Storm Cellar.

“The building sounds like a good idea and a great place forstudents to get away from their rooms and studies, just as long asit isn’t too expensive for us,” said freshman Ashley Reynolds.

“I love the name of the building, it’s very catchy,” saidfreshman Jessica Copeland.

SIFE is a worldwide, non-profit organization that helps studentsto develop communication and leadership skills and to useteamwork.

SIFE’s mission is to provide Simpson students with the bestopportunity to refine their business skills by educating thecommunity about free enterprise and succeeding ethically in today’sfree market.

The president of Simpson’s chapter is senior Jessica Fagen.Other officers include vice president of external affairs, juniorMarcin Wojtczak, vice president of accounting and systems,sophomore Mihai Birsescu, and secretary and campus liaison, juniorRachel Haaland.

Senior Meghan Kelso handles internal affairs and senior BenJauer is in charge of public relations.