Drill Team gets new hope from new coach


by Eli Taylor

Have you ever felt like you were drowning, like you were lookingup through the cloudiness and seeing only the taunting sun in briefglimmering moments through impenetrable waters? Then, at the momentof impending doom, had a hand sweep down to your rescue? Welcome tothe life of Simpson’s drill team.

In March 2003, almost three full months before the end of theschool year, the drill team’s coach resigned from her position.That’s when the drowning sensation started to set in. Storm cloudsrolled in and, with them, doubt for the future of the ten-yearfixture on Simpson campus.

But then, like a saving hand, Becky Gripp was found as areplacement. But, the story doesn’t end there, the new coach takesover after the events surrounding homecoming, which include YellLike Hell-one of the drill teams biggest events of the year.

“The seniors have been organizing the practices,” said seniorAbbey Sinclair, “and the only thing that has held us together isour great teamwork and our love of dancing and entertaining.”

From the grim beginnings at the start of the school year, highhopes have risen from the ashes. The tryouts at the beginning ofNovember are a huge stepping-stone for moving the team into aspotlight in Simpson athletics.

“What we hope to accomplish with tryouts is building a strongbase for the freshmen coming in to Simpson College that really wantto dance and entertain,” Sinclair says.

The metaphorical hand of their salvation is in sight. What now?What comes next?

“Our agenda is actually pretty full. We have homecoming and YellLike Hell, which are always big events for us, especially becausewe get to promote school spirit with the cheerleaders. We’reorganizing a co-ed drill team for second semester, and we haveplans to go to a competition sometime in mid-November,” anoptimistic Sinclair said.

So, if the agenda allows it, stroll on over to tryouts and checkout the drill team. They have endured much and are definitelyworthy of the respect that is given to other athletic endeavors. Soget out and support these ladies who have endured much in theirsupport for Simpson College.