Stormin’ up the bedroom

Stormin up the bedroom

by Laura Dillavou

It’s 2 a.m. on a Saturday night and your cell phone rings. “Whocould it be?” you may ask. Oh, it’s Mr./Ms. Booty Call, just seeingwhat you were up to. The booty call is somewhat of an art form, inits own strange way, working either for or against a person, with adesired, but not always an attained outcome.

First of all, an explanation is required of what a booty call isfor all those fresh faced students: it is a random call, usuallymade in the early morning hours to an old fling, with the desiredoutcome being one more night of ‘fling’, if you will.

In the past, the male gender has gotten a bad rap for being thenotorious booty callers, wanting not to see those sweet females fortheir pretty face, but rather for their abilities between thesheets. Over time, and as girls talk, rumors spread about thoseinfamous callers and their savvy lines, luring ladies to thebedroom. However, it takes two to tango, and the female, whileencouraged to go, is not (or should not be) forced to go anywherebut her own warm, snugly bed.

Fear not, men, for it is the realization in today’s society thatwomen have taken that bold step into the sexual world and are notafraid to call Jim Somebody at 1 a.m. and ask for a little nookie.While you may want to take a second look at these girls for theirmorals, or lack thereof, females do booty call, and for some, itseems the logical way to stay ‘in touch’ with a previous partner.However, it is with actions such as these that women, much morethan men, get a poor reputation, even though when the tables areturned, it’s all high-fives and hoo-rahs.

While the booty call may be just that, a call, one of the keyskills is keeping it quiet. No one wants to be a booty callee, it’sjust not flattering, nor helpful to the self-esteem. And to admitthat to get some, you have to call Girl/Guy X, is not thatbeneficial to your track record, either. Your roommates may know,your best friend may know, but ultimately, you decide who isenlightened about your late night activities.

Having a mutual understanding with the other person is importantas well. If one is quite keen on this arranged setup, and furthermore, expects it regularly, and the other half is participating aslittle more than a bystander, things need to be discussed. The mostlogical solution is to not answer the phone, tempting as it may bewhen he/she calls, wanting more than a late night heart to heart.Or when things start turning for the worse, if for instance youfind out the other person is insanely drunk and ready to pass outor vomit, just leave. It’s your freedom as a person, male orfemale.

On a less serious note, a booty call is something done by mosteveryone in their life. Whether it is being the caller or therecipient, it is a rite of passage to dating beyond high school.You have every right to answer the phone and make that trip toanother dorm/apartment for some action, but also remember that whatyou go to sleep next to, in the dark, is also what you wake up nextto (hopefully) in the morning light. A drunken booty call may notbe the smartest idea that you have ever had, but the same followhere: you will awake to whomever you are calling, no matter howcute he/she looks with those beer goggles on.

So answer that phone if you are so inclined, but remember theunderlying motives of the person and their call for the booty.