Simpson security adds to staff

by Simpsonian Editors

The problem: More students on campus requires more security, butis there enough for them to do?

The solution: Making the job of security employees more activeto increase productivity.

Our view: Increased security on campus is an overall goodidea.

With the addition of four new student employees in the securityoffice and the generally calm environment at Simpson, what can bedone to keep the employees busy?

We propose that they are given something to do.

Send pairs of employees out to canvas the school property-either on foot or on cart- while one or two stay in the office toanswer incoming calls from students. Keep them out most of thenight, rotating from base to trolling as necessary.

By keeping the trolling employees in contact with the baseemployees, response times could even be improved. This could bemore effective if two teams were out watching opposite ends ofcampus.

By putting security workers out and around campus, this couldalso eliminate some of the disturbances in remote areas wherestudents aren’t normally found late at night- such as fires beingset at Cowles.