CASA increases its member count as Simpson’s interest in diversity grows


by Casey Hansen

Simpson’s Cultural Association of Spanish Alumnos isexperiencing a rise in members this year, adding to the college’sprogression toward a more culturally diverse campus.

This club, now 63 members strong, is dedicated to expandingdiversity at Simpson through activities and education regardingother cultures in the world.

According to Julie Stoddard, vice president of CASA, the twobiggest reasons for joining a group like this are to meet newpeople and receive education about other cultures.

A few of the many activities that CASA offers to studentsinclude guest speakers, salsa dancing in Des Moines and Mexicanfiestas in Indianola.

CASA President Megan Whitford said 30 members attended the firstmeeting, but as the semester progressed more than 60 people becameinvolved.

Whitford said she believes the club offers something foreveryone.

Whitford and Stoddard agree there are several reasons for thegrowth of CASA this year. A growing Spanish department, a largerfreshman class, and a growing interest in culture are all playingroles in CASA’s healthy membership.

Said Whitford, “One of the most important things about clubs oncampus is to learn new things and share your knowledge.”