Weekly Wellness

by Laura Dillavou

Whether your work out is in a slump or you just need a change ofpace from the treadmill, a fitness video will provide a littleshake up to the daily routine.

Here are five not-so-average videos that will get your heartrate going, as well as provide a little diversity from thetraditional yoga, Pilates, and tae-bo tapes.

New York City Ballet Workout

Dancers have incredible bodies, with great muscle tone andoverall physique. This video concentrates on the buns, thighs andabs. There is also a cardio segment that will get you spinning andkicking right along with the music. By the end, not only will yourbody be feeling it, but you too, will feel like a ballerina. Theballet workout is available on VHS or DVD. For more information andadditional tips, check out nycballet.com.

Meditation for Beginners

Take a step back from the daily grind and pop in a meditationvideo. Not only will meditation relax your mind and body, but it isalso a nice change from a high-impact cardio video. This videoleads viewers through two 20-minute relaxation sessions as well asa 15-minute yoga segment. The video will also teach you to focus onthe inward self through breathing exercises, tension releasers, andcalming music. Meditation for Beginners is available on VHS andDVD.

Red Hot Salsa Made Simple

Salsa dancing, becoming more popular by the day, provides agreat workout for the legs as well as the abs. This video, led bysalsa dancing champion Lisa Nunziella, leads you though moves andsteps that you can use out on the dance floor. Somewhat of aduel-purpose video, Red Hot Salsa will get you moving and shakingto the beat of live drummers. The step-by-step instructions are agreat way for beginners to start out and it is available on VHS.For more salsa dancing information go to dancewithlisa.com.

Hula Workout for Beginners

The lovely ladies of Hawaii are bringing their hula talents tothe rest of the world. A hula workout really works the entire body,but particularly the abs and hip region. This video leads youthrough a choreographed hula routine, led step-by-step by a huladancer. The upbeat music and beautiful backgrounds (think Maui)help to get you in the spirit of grass skirts and leis. For morehula tips, check out the web site at naturaljourneys.com. Thisworkout is available on VHS and DVD.

Jamaica Me S’wet

A funky and different kind of dance video, Jamaica Me S’wet isled by dancing queen Patra and Worker Man. The drummin’ music willget you moving and burning calories as well as teach you dancemoves from the islands of Jamaica. The choreographed routine willlead you through a series of dancing exercises, stretches, and acool down. This is available on DVD and for more videos of thesort, check out justaboutfitness.com.

Workout videos are a great way to break the workout rut, andalso a good way to get exercise when the weather is too chillyoutside.

These are just a few of thousands of videos available. Many websites offer special discount prices, or you can also find a varietyof videos at places like Target and Wal-Mart.