Simply Stated

by Simpson student body

Mule, Mule you are a fool.

I challenge ye to a gentlemen’s duel.

Pistols at dawn at the football field will suffice.

The Mad Crapper

All I can say is after a long night of swimming it is nice tosnuggle with someone in bed, a Big Teddy Bear.

Big Teddy Bear

Darth Carthus- Do you not have anything better to do than checkthe Simp online and write idiotic comments? What type of uniform doyou wear as Pres. of the Matt Morian Fan Club? I’m sure you’repretty in pink.

Tired of Comments

Randal you are my favorite brother!!!


Darth Carthus

I think that passage written about John Edwards was in very poortaste. I am an idiot, and I need people like Edwards to tell mewhat I believe in.


Mad Crapper- I accept your dual and you will pay for what youdid to Barker hall my freshman year.


To Libs and Students-

Look at all of the candidates for President of the UnitedStates, including President Bush. Yes, think for yourself, butunless you are running for President then you have to chooseone.

P.S. If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain.

Think for yourself

Woo!!! Troubled Hubble totally rocked tonight!!! As did the Showis the Rainbow and the Gunshy. Big thanks to all those thathelped.


The funniest thing happened to me today. I went to bed lastnight in the U.S. and awoke in a strange new place. I discoveredour beloved BSC was the victim of a random attack. What’s with allthe bomb craters? Where am I Iraq?

Darth Carthus

I encourage all students to be on the lookout for a Mule (MicahMuller) clone. He was last seen wearing a red hoody and khakipants. BE WARNED! This man is not Micah Muller, but in fact animposter! If you see him please contact the Humane Society or anymember of the Fire House.

Inspector Ninja