Stormin’ up the bedroom

Stormin up the bedroom

by Laura Dillavou

In the moments of passion, when clothes are flying, belts areunbuckling and shoes are being tugged off, it is easy to lose sightof where these articles may land. In the morning, or even laterthat night, the time spent looking around for that other sock maybe all too long.

Here is a helpful list of places to stash your unmentionablesand other garments so that your dressing time can be just a littlequicker. A special thanks goes out to Dottie for helping with thislist.

1. Those bedposts are good for something…hang your purse onit. The purse is something that ladies definitely don’t want tolose, so putting it somewhere where you’ll see it in the morning isa good idea. It is also close to your head, so if you need analarm, your cell phone is in there, all ready to wake you up thenext day.

2. If you don’t have a purse, put your cell phone in a coatpocket. Since these sorts of pockets are usually a little deeper,you won’t have to worry about it falling out. As far as your coatgoes, you can hang that on the bedpost as well, or keep it near thedoor.

3. When you take your shoes off, it is just common sense to keepthem together. After you have your shoes off, put them by the bed.This insures that you will see them in the morning, and if need be,you can grab them in a hasty escape.

4. Socks have a mysterious way, whether in the dryer or insomeone else’s room, of disappearing. Most times, it is just onesock, which makes it all the more frustrating when getting dressed.To solve this conundrum, simply stuff your socks inside your shoeswhen you take them off.

5. If you have an excess amount of jewelry on, this is a goodtime to put those rocks in a safe place. Once again, the shoe is anall-purpose cache for many things. Ladies, a purse also works wellin this situation, especially one with a small pocket for suchthings. The key here is not to leave anything behind, like anearring or a ring.

6. Those pesky boxers and thongs – where to put them? Answer: inyour pockets, of course. Tuck those undergarments deep into thepockets of your jeans and in the morning, you will avoid theunderwear search amongst blankets, sheets and piles of dirtyclothes.

7. Bras, my friends, can be sneakily stashed in the sleeve of ashirt. Since the ends of sleeves are tapered, it will not fall out,either. No one else really wants to see this sort of thing,especially a roommate or other bed-warmer.

Take note that it is pertinent that your clothes do not end upon a roommate’s bed. This is not the way to get to know new people.Having to ask for your underwear back is just a tad embarrassing,no matter how cute they are. It is also a risk because you maynever get those articles back that drop down to another’s bedarea.

8. If all else fails, stash your belongings, clothes, shoes,etc. in a pillowcase. You can give it back later, or just ignorethe fact that you now have a very nice sack (that isn’t yours) inwhich to carry your things.

Finally, if you have somehow found yourself without a certainpiece of clothing, don’t fret. Hopefully, things between you andother person are at a level where you would feel comfortable enoughasking for it back, or taking a little more time in the a.m. tolook for it. If not, then you’re SOL, my friend. Better luck nexttime.