Summer school Thailand style

Summer school Thailand style

by Casey Hansen

While other students are home lounging for the summer, a groupof Simpson students will be making a trek to Thailand.

Instead of making the trip during May Term, this group, lead byLora Friedrich, professor of social sciences, will visit Thailandas a summer school program.

“This is the first time the school has done a trip during summerschool,” said Friedrich. “It’s somewhat of a pilot program.”

The course will last three weeks and is structured like a MayTerm class. The course will count toward field experiencerequirements for social work majors and minors, and also as aGlobal Awareness cornerstone.

Friedrich, who worked as a volunteer for the Peace Corps inThailand, has made two other trips to Thailand and hopes to get asemester program set up to allow students to study abroad.

While in Thailand, the students will have many opportunities towork with the native people. The students will also attend aHIV/AIDS conference and take part in a camp for children inThailand help them to learn the English language.

The trip isn’t all hard work, however. The group will also havethe opportunity to take part in weekend sightseeing trips. One tripwill allow the students to ride elephants on a trek and then returnon rafts, while another takes the students to Pattaya beach, one ofThailand’s biggest beach resorts. Finally, the students willventure to the ancient capitol of Ayutthaya and visit the ruinsthere.

As many as 30 students may go, and the trip is open to anyone.Students may sign up for the course as listed in the summer schoollist, or give Friedrich a call for more information.

When the students return to the United States, Friedrich willstay behind on sabbatical to teach at a school near Bangkok.Friedrich said she hopes to have more information available by Dec.1, after she finishes up some details with the school nearBangkok.