Students spend big in Indianola

The issue:

According to a formula put together by the Iowa Department ofEconomic Developments, each Simpson student spends an estimated$3,235 at local businesses in Indianola. As a whole, Simpsoncollege provides $65.9 million to Indianola.

Our view:

Simpson students are doing their part in supplying Indianolabusinesses with enough money to carry on. It is time for Indianolabusinesses to return the favor.

These great amounts of money that were estimated by the IowaDepartment of Economic Growth would be even larger shouldbusinesses cater to students a little more. Local fast foodrestaurants need to stay open for another hour every night andprovide cheaper alternatives suitable for a college student’s thinwallet. It will not only affect the businesses in a good way, butit will also bring more revenue.

Imagine Simpson students, the McDonald’s dollar menu availableuntil midnight, Taco John’s tasty tacos available right afterfinishing that horrid thirty page paper on Judaism late in theevening.

We are doing our part to help drain the economic quagmire, it istime for Indianola businesses to throw Simpson a financial andculinary late night bone.