Security Log

by compiled Shara Tibken

Date of Incident: 10-31-03/11-1-03

Time of Incident: 1 a.m.

Type of Incident: Sexual Assault

Location: East side of ATO

Police Assistance: No

Narrative: Report of alleged sexual assault occurred outside ofATO. Perpetrator is a non-Simpson student. Victim is a Simpsonstudent.

Date of Incident: 11-1-03

Time of Incident: 11:36 p.m.

Type of Incident: Citation

Location: SAE

Police Assistance: Yes

Narrative: Student cited for urinating in public and possessionof alcohol under 21.

Date of Incident: 11-9-03

Time of Incident: 2:45 a.m.

Type of Incident: Fight/assault

Location: ATO

Police Assistance: Yes

Narrative: I.P.D. called to ATO in reference to a possiblefight/assault. Student received injuries to his face. No arrestsmade at this time.

Date of Incident: 11-14-03

Time of Incident: Unknown

Type of Incident: Vandalism

Location: Buxton

Police Assistance: Yes

Narrative: Student’s vehicle had the back window shattered.Vehicle was parked in the Buxton lot. Student contacted by SimpsonSecurity and report filed with Indianola Police.

Date of Incident: 11-16-03

Time of Incident: Unknown

Type of Incident: Vandalism/Destruction of property

Location: ATO computer room

Police Assistance: No

Narrative: Report of vandalism to computer room in ATO. Thecomputer was turned upside down and items were scattered throughoutthe room. A large black speaker is missing.