Responsible class skipping

Responsible class skipping

by Rob Stewart

Forget sex, drugs, or Satan worship. Skipping class isindisputably one of the most troubling temptations that college hasto offer.

Why is this you might ask? I suspect it is due to severalfactors: lack of parental supervision, fewer consequences imposedby the institution; missing a college class will not get you aSaturday with Molly Ringwold or Judd Nelson.

Another contributing factor can be weekday alcohol consumption,which can play a part in class absences and also in having lots offun. I am of course not condoning this practice only empathizingwith the practitioner.

There are other, more legitimate reasons for missing classincluding: getting a head start on a road trip, family obligation,or parole hearing.

Then there is the shady area that is the mental health skip day.Some students believe that skipping a class or two can sometimesserve as a safety net for your sanity. On the flip side of thatargument it can also sometimes plunge a student who is behind inclass deeper and deeper into college make-up assignment hell.

Some students use a skipped class as a reward. If your gradesare especially good, take a day off – you earned it. This logicseems unsound, as attending class can only bolster a grade nomatter how good or bad. However, during times of stress orsleeplessness it seems exceptionally persuasive. To most people,skipping class to get some needed sleep or to avoid a messypsychotic episode is easily justified and forgiven.

However, if you still think that skipping class is an evilcomparable to genocide read on because I’d bet my hard-earned workstudy dollars that this scenario has happened to you at leastonce.

You’ve overslept, or at least you’ve overslept more than usual.It’s five minutes into your first class. You carefully, yetsleepily weigh your options.

Option 1: Don’t shower and sprint to class with messy hair. Bearin mind that I am not talking about Colin “I’m too cute for a comb”Farrell hair, but hair that looks like you washed it in the fryerat the Strom Street Grill. Along with hair that would make Medusagrimace you are shrouded in, shall we say, a natural musk. Thismusk will unfortunately not blow off during your run to class. Uponyour tardy arrival to class you would then have to sheepishlyendure the chilling stare that only a Ph.D. wielding individual canmuster.

Option 2: Go back to sleep and resume a heavenly dream aboutStacy’s Mom, who does indeed have it going on.

In the end most students will opt for scenario B.

Though unintentional, this class absence goes down in the booksthe same as the student who feels the need to party on everydaythat ends in the letters d-a-y.

For whatever reason that a student should decide to skip classseveral factors should be carefully considered before any decisionis made.

You should find out the attendance policy of all yourprofessors. Many professors make allowances for students to missclass a reasonable number of times with few questions asked beforeany kind of academic reprimand will take effect.

You should also take into account how well you are doing in theclass and whether or not your learning and grade can afford theabsence.

Finally, after any absence be sure to seek out your professor oranother student to find out what you missed and make up your workin a timely fashion. Many professors will forgive the occasionalabsence as long as you are responsible about it.