High spirits, high hopes for cheerleaders


by Jessica McDonald

Tryouts are over and the spirit is higher than ever for theSimpson pom squad and basketball cheerleaders.

The Simpson pom squad is eager to get the season started.Sophomore Calista Vasey said the squad has already overcome many oftheir challenges.

“We have a coach now, good choreography and good leadership onthe team,” said Vasey.

The 13-member squad has high hopes this year. In addition totheir regular performances during the Simpson basketball halftimes,the squad wants to participate in competitions against otherschools.

“We are really hoping to compete at a dance competition inMinnesota later on in the season,” said Vasey.

The basketball cheerleaders also have plans for the upcomingseason. Tryouts for the cheerleading squad were held last week.Seven freshmen joined the three-person squad of one junior and twosophomores. Unlike the football cheer squad, there are no men.

“We would like to get more guys involved,” said sophomore ErinDisney. “One of our goals is to incorporate more stunts and havingguys as bases makes it easier.”

With a young squad made up of mostly new people, bonding witheach other will be an important part of forming a successfulsquad.

“Member retention will be important this year to help build theprogram for the future,” said Disney.

This year the basketball cheerleading squad will have a studentintern. Junior Ashley Bennett will be assisting the squad as one ofthe requirements to get her coaching endorsement.

“I’ll be learning more about the organizational side ofcheerleading,” said Bennett.

The basketball cheerleaders hope to build their program up tothe colligate level.

“We want to build the program up first before we start anythingelse like competitions,” said Disney. “Next year we definitely hopeto compete.”