Stormin’ up the bedroom

Stormin up the bedroom

by Laura Dillavou

After watching an amusing episode of “MTV True Life: I have aFriend with Benefits,” I realized that many college students arepart of this endless circle of giving and taking.

To define, a friend with benefits is a person with whom anotherhas all the sexual benefits, but hardly any commitment.

Now, in the world of many, this is the ideal arrangement.

Whether this is a relationship gone wrong, or a friendshipturned physical, many people find themselves in this sort ofsituation.

Often times, it all begins with people who know each other fromclass, through friends, or get together over a cold glass ofBudweiser. One thing leads to another, and with the help ofalcohol, a pseudo-relationship is made.

While I realize that this is not always the case, rarely do suchobscure relationships happen when everyone is sober. In the case ofthe couples on MTV, both used alcohol as a factor to decide wherethe rest of the night would lead. Obviously it is important to knowthat alcohol affects your judgment, no matter how much/littleyou’ve had to drink.

Once the initial sexual encounter has taken place, it is all tooeasy to slip into a convenient, yet, noncommittal pattern: loosenup with a few drinks, call Mr./Ms. So-and-so, go to desiredlocation and, well, I trust that you can fill in the rest.

The next morning, both parties are left wondering what kind ofobligation there is to another. If both have some feelings for theother, the friends with benefits relationship is all too likely tobegin. However, as I mentioned before, that while this may soundutopian, rarely do both people feel that way.

It is a fine balance between friends and lovers in this sort ofarrangement. On one hand, both people know that the other is there,obviously willing, but at the same time, feels no certain ties tohim or her. If each person is ok with this, knows the ground rulesand limits, then any hard feelings come when the line is crossed.If one person is much more committed or destined on “friends”becoming “more than friends,” there is a communication problem.

In that case, you need to sit down and talk things out, nomatter if it brings out tears, cursing, or heavy objects beinghurled through the air. It is common courtesy to inform the otherif they are not the main fling in your life. Not only because theyare being led on, but for the sexual health of all peopleinvolved.

If there really is such as a thing as friends with benefits, itis a very delicate arrangement, and with people who know to expectlittle from the other person.

At some point, the friendship will dissolve and either turn intoa basic booty call or dwindle into an occasional ‘hi’ inpassing.

So before you cross the line with your best bud, consider theoutcomes and if a little action is really worth it.