Dickens of a Christmas is community fun

by The Simpsonian editorial

During this incredibly hellacious time of year, known to many asdead week, students take small solace in the fact that Christmas isright around the corner.

Christmas spirit runs amok across the campus in the form ofdecorations, lighting contests and holiday charity drives. But thisatmosphere does not stop at the edges of campus and Simpsonstudents have found ways to get involved in the Indianola communityChristmas celebration as well.

Dickens of a Christmas, on the Indianola square, offers Simpsonstudents a superb opportunity to get involved with thecommunity.

Several organizations on campus take part in the celebration,now in its 10th year, interacting with the community businesses,Chamber of Commerce and community members themselves.

While spreading Christmas cheer, the college and the communityput aside all differences and simply share in the spirit of theholiday season together. Dickens of a Christmas tames the Scroogein us all.