Band’s classics return, “Rage” live

Bands classics return, Rage live

by Matt Bower

It has been several years since Rage Against The Machine hasbeen heard.

Ever since their split with lead singer Zach De La Rocha, theremaining members of Rage Against The Machine have teamed up withformer lead singer of Sound Garden, Chris Cornell, to form the rocksuper group Audioslave.

Before the split, however, Rage played their two final shows atthe Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sept. 12 and13, 2000.

Now, a little more than three years later, that concert may onceagain be heard as it is brought back to life in both CD and soon tobe DVD formats.

The CD is in stores now and the DVD will be hitting shelves onDec. 9, 2003.

The band shows why they were one of the greatest rock bands toever take the stage as each member is at the top of his game.

De La Rocha barks out those politically charged, rough vocals inthat signature voice of his with emotion. But at the same time,they are quite clear and easily understood.

Brad Wilk takes a commanding position behind the drums as hedelivers pounding rhythms inter-dispersed with loud cymbalcrashes.

Tim Commerford does not sit idle back in the shadows; he makeshis presence known with the deep grooves of his four string bass.It is as up front and in your face as Tom Morello’s delicate anddistorted guitar work.

Morello is an amazing guitarist, as is evident by his countlessawards, such as Best Guitarist at the California Music Awards fouryears straight.

He certainly brings his “A game” on this one.

Those winding and distorted guitar solos bring back memoriessend chills down your spine once again.

The sound quality and mixing on the CD was done very well.

The music fades and rises at certain points to emphasize emotionand everything is able to be heard loud and clear.

The background noise of the crowd fuses RATM’s politicallycharged hard rock with touches of hip hop with the crowd’s liveenergy. It makes for a great mix that allows the listener to feelas though they are right there in the mosh pit or up near the frontof the stage.

The concert spans each of their studio albums and contains allof Rage’s hits. Among the 16 tracks on the album are the infectiousopening riff of “Bulls On Parade”, “Killing In The Name” and theGrammy award winning “Guerilla Radio.” Also included are the coversof EMPD’s “Housin'” and MC 5 “Kick Out The Jams.”

The CD includes recordings from both nights of RATM’s finalconcert.

There is no doubt Rage Against The Machine will not be soonforgotten.

But, if you do happen to forget about this four piece group whomade an important and lasting contribution to the world of rockmusic, or you just want to relive the good times with the band,simply grab Rage Against The Machine: Live At The Grand OlympicAuditorium and remember.