Simply Stated

by Simpson family

CHILL OUT TICKET LADY!! Turns out that because I have a SimpsonCollege sticker on my back window I can’t park and shop at goodwillw/o getting a ticket…Last time I checked I’m allowed to parkwhere ever I want to on public property…no?? I think Simpsonneeds to quit worrying about where people park… I spend 23 grandto go to a glorified high school, they could at least let me parkwhere I want! Especially on PUBLIC property!

Aggravated on the West side

Shantytown…Barrel of laughs…Your thoughts and actions wereappreciated, although, it would have been more appropriate for youto give your box that you were “freezing your butt off in” to ahomeless who was truly “freezing their butt off” behind the Targeton Euclid. Maybe you should appreciate the things you have.

Ultimate Fighter and Fan Club

Dear Brian Johnson and members of PAC,

Using big words does not make you smart. To be a goodcommunicator, you must be able to get your message across to allpeople, instead of trying to sound smarter than those you aretrying to talk to. It follows, then, that all you do is espouse apropagation of affected intelligence. (I’m making fun of you, getit?)

Oh, and I don’t think homeless people really have that much ducttape OR sleeping bags.

Go conflate yourselves.


Dear “duh,”

Allow me to dumb it down a bit, since you say that I’m using”big words” to “espouse a propagation of affected intelligence.”None of the words I have used in my editorials and responses areall that big. I don’t know who you are, but I assume you areattending Simpson College. If so, I don’t think I’m out of line inexpecting you to be able to use and understand words as simple asespouse and propagate. And if this post is too complicated for you,I suggest you go back to middle school and take some classes overagain. For now, I will put it even more simply. You’re in college.Learn to read.

Brian Johnson

Re: Shantytown & Homelessness,

Homeless people don’t have homes. That does not mean that theydon’t have anything. Many homeless people do have sleeping bags(thank god) and perhaps even duct tape and a small grill. Somehomeless people have cars. Homeless people even have jobs! It ishomes that they do not have.

The people of PAC bring our attention to this problem withShantytown and we should thank them.


Last week on campus, I was surprised to see the Shantytown leftout for someone else to clean up. It’s a good idea to drawattention to the homeless, but aren’t you also into theenvironment? Clean up when you are finished!



Kudos to the Prez.

I was reminded today of why I chose Simpson when I observedPresident LaGree eating lunch in our humble Pfeiffer Hall withmembers of the maintenance and security staffs, as well as some ofthe highest esteemed professors. Thank you President LaGree, fornot being “too good” for the rest of us.


Why is everyone so spiteful towards PAC for trying to dosomething good and raise awareness? So what if Shantytown wasn’t aperfect replica of the lives that the homeless live. The baby poolwith the solar fountain wasn’t a perfect example of how solar powercan reduce the amount of electric energy we use in our everydaylives, but like I said, it’s just an example. What’s with all thebitterness?