Simply Stated

by Simpson student body

Good luck to the track team, on their way to their first meet atBVU. Track stars, you are a priority; don’t listen to the crazytrainers.

-Track fan

You did it, you caught the tater!


I personally find it sad regarding the article expressing onestudent’s fears about the draft. In our nation’s history,particularly that of WWII, men flocked by the thousands tovolunteer to serve their country. Now, young men spoiled by thesuccess of their country are afraid and even ashamed to put theirlives on the line to protect it. Their ancestors saw the importanceof this need and realized that freedom isn’t free, and they oughtto protect this greatest nation in the world that they wereprivileged to be apart of. Peace is indeed wonderful, but it istime the progressive intellectuals realize that pacifism does notwork in such a cruel world. As a young and healthy American male, Iwould not hesitate to do my duty for my country if I were to bedrafted. We should not fear serving our land, and we certainlyshouldn’t run to Canada.

-John Smith

Everyone remember that Bible story about how Jesus went to thetemple and got really pissed off because people were bartering andselling things in a place of worship? WELL…isn’t “Holy Grounds”selling coffee in the chapel, thereby kind of going against whatthe Bible “teaches” and making you hypocrites? Funny how things aresometimes….

-General Observation

What’s the deal with music students!? Someone please tellme!!!

-Wants to know

Thanks Pfeiffer for adding Express to Fridays! It makes us busypeople a bit happier!

-Turkey Sammich Lover