Staff Editorial

by The Simpsonian Editors

The issue: Resident Life decided Station Square Apartments willcontinue to be under 24-hour quiet hours and substance-free for the2004-2005 academic year.

Our view: Resident Life made the right decision by using studentfocus groups and implementing Station Square policies on an annualbasis.

Station Square is by far the nicest housing available on-campusand it would be in Simpson’s best interests to keep it that way.Students are able to live in quality apartments with an environmentconducive to studying.

Many students currently living in Station Square said it was theright choice to ensure the cleanliness of the living conditions andthe sanity of residents. It gives students who do not wish to livein the dorms, or other rowdy apartments, another option. StationSquare may also keep some students from seeking off campussolutions to their housing issues.

Not only was the correct decision made, it was also made in thebest possible way by seeking student opinions. Resident Life turnedto the Residence Hall Association and Student Government to form afocus group and openly discuss the issue with students. Inaddition, the decision is up for review each year allowing forchange if need be.

Some may disagree with Station Square being under 24-hour quiethours and substance-free, but it is the right decision for Simpsonand students.