Atkins Diet can work, but at what cost?

Atkins Diet can work, but at what cost?

by Laura Dillavou

With New Year’s resolutions in full swing, there are manyoptions out there for the savvy dieter. Many people have jumped onthe bandwagon of today’s most popular diets, including the AtkinsDiet and the South Beach Diet.

All information and more facts can be viewed at each diets’website. Over the next few weeks, I will explore many dietingoptions available and lay out the facts of each one.

The Atkins Diet turned the traditional idea of dieting upsidedown with the high-protein, low-carbohydrate formula. Using thistype of diet allows the body’s metabolic system to concentrate lesson burning carbohydrates and focus on burning fat.(

To many, this approach seems to be an oxymoron, becauseconsumers have been told that meat and other foods high in protein,like eggs, cheese, and nuts are a crutch to your body. Images oflettuce, carrots and very small portions come to mind when thinkingof a traditional diet.

However, Atkins is becoming today’s dieting answer. This ‘fad’gained popularity and strength with help from TV personalities likeOprah, Dr. Phil and countless celebrities who spoke of the newwonder diet. Fast food restaurants and food manufactures see thepopularity of the Atkins diet as another market to consumers.

Subway restaurant has just introduced two new low-carb wraps;the Turkey and Bacon Melt wrap and the Chicken Bacon Ranch wrap,with 16 grams of carbohydrates each. Other restaurants, likeHardees, have introduced a meat patty wrapped in a leaf of lettuce,cutting down on calories and carbohydrates. Other food products arebecoming readily available in stores, as manufacturers try to keepup with the pace of this dieting revolution.

With the propaganda of the Atkins diet everywhere you turn,people are bound to be curious. The plan is relatively easy tostart, even without the guidance of a health care physician,although any dieting decisions should be consulted with a doctorbefore starting. With the Atkins plan, participants are able to seeresults in as little as three weeks, and soon, the weight almostappears to melt off.

Once the body is conditioned to ketosis (the process ofswitching the metabolism to a fat-burning process), high-proteinfoods become a natural part of digestion and intake. Foods thatwere once regarded as high in fat and cholesterol are the mainstaysof this diet. A typical breakfast for a person on the Atkins dietmay be an omelet with cheese and ham, a strip of bacon, and a smallglass of juice or coffee. Filling, but not as you may think. All ofthese foods will quickly be digested and little, besides theprotein, extra nutrients, and fat will be taken from it. By and by,the body becomes accustomed to rich, meaty foods.

For some, starting the Atkins plan and ending it can be theworst parts.

The body has a natural reaction to the switch in the metabolismand culinary choices. To the like, when a person decides to quitthe diet for one reason or another, the body also has to adjust andbecome accustomed to high-carbohydrate and starchy foods.

Many times, people see a fluctuation in weight after returningto a normal diet. Atkins is not the plan for everyone, though.

A diet consisting of rich, meaty foods high in protein,cholesterol and even fat can lead to long term health risks,including heart problems, permanent high cholesterol and cloggedarteries.

Many people who have histories of heart problems are advised notto take up the Atkins Diet for obvious health reasons.

In conclusion, the Atkins diet does yield results, and in ashort amount of time, however, by switching to a different type ofdiet, your body pays the price, but internally. Serious healthconsequences could await you if the Atkins diet is taken to anextreme.

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