Student Development promotes games

by Jack Sawyers

The Simpson Student Development office and Athletic Departmenthave been working together with the Student Athlete AdvisoryCommittee to boost fan support and involvement at home games.

Included in the plan are contests at halftime of basketballgames, introduction music and a Simpson student section dressed inred.

“We’re trying to gain some people who have never been to a gameand keep those who come to the game there longer,” said SteveEllens, assistant men’s basketball coach and one of the eventorganizers.

Ellens said that the idea behind the promotions was to add anelement of entertainment for fans during down time at a game.

“We’re just trying to make it more fun,” said Ellens.

The effort to increase the participation of fans began last fallat football halftimes with contests and relays, and will continueat basketball games.

Ellens said that the contests, which will be unannounced andoriginal to each game, will feature prizes donated by the sport’ssponsors.

For example, McCoy’s True Value will donate for men’sbasketball, and the Simpson Bookstore for women’s basketball.

“For every contest we have, there will always be great prizes. Imean, who can argue with free gear,” said Ellens.

Another addition is a red Simpson student section at games.

To accomplish this, red T-shirts are being printed and are forsale by Student Development and the Athletic Department.

Rich Ramos, dean of student activities, said that the shirtswere part of an effort to create a distinct, intimidating feelingfor other teams when they came to compete at Simpson.

Ramos also added that some of the shirts might be delivered tostudents in an unusual fashion such as a T-shirt cannon, one of therecent purchases made by the Student Development office.

“Theoretically, you can shoot as fast as you can put shirts downthe barrel,” said Ramos.

All of the new activities are intended to increase spectatorenjoyment at athletic events.

Organizers are not the only ones who can submit ideas.

“We’re always open to ideas from students,” said Ellens,

“We just hope that the students come out and get involved in theactivities and the games, because we think they’re going to have agood time if they do.”