Track gears up for new season with new coach

by Megan Disburg

The Simpson College track and field team is ready to run.Practice began Jan. 15 with new head coach Wayne Stacy.

“Coach Stacy is awesome. I think he’s going to do a lot for theprogram,” said sophomore Jen Wendt.

The track and field team has 44 athletes this year and it hopesto grow to at least 70 members by next year. The team is hoping toimprove their conference placing for both men and women whileexceeding each athlete’s individual performances.

“I want to automatically qualify in the shotput,” said RossParker about the NCAA competition.

Athletes on the team work very hard to get their bodies into thebest possible shape during the season. Coach Stacy wants hisathletes to train at full potential, so they will perform theirbest at meets.

Parker takes his training one step further by watching videos ofthe best competitors in the field events. The women’s team tried tomaximize training by taking advantage of co-ed workouts.

“A lot of times, I work out with the guys to push me harder,”said Wendt.

The first indoor track meet will be Jan. 24 at Buena VistaCollege. Simpson students can enjoy two outdoor home meets, thefirst of which is held on April 23. Another event, the SimpsonTwilight, is a huge meet and is held on the same weekend as theDrake Relays.

While the main goal of the team and Stacy is to have the bestpossible performances, it is important for all of them to have funand enjoy each other’s company.

Stacy hopes this friendly atmosphere will help the team grow inthe years to come.

“There are students who need to be on the team that are justwalking around campus. We are ready for them. There’s a spot foreverybody,” he said.