Seniors show off their stuff


by Ben Frotscher

The Senior Art Show has been a long-standing tradition here atSimpson College. Teaching the class for the first year wasassistant professor of art, Justin Nostrala.

“The goal (of the class) was about six finished pieces,depending on the work,” said Nostrala.

Nostrala said that the show pieces were worked on during thefall semester in a class taken for credit and the seniors haddeadlines to meet every so often through the semester.

Nostrala stressed that the Senior Art Show is very important tothe students because it allows the students to take one finalstance when it comes to art as an undergraduate.

It also allows the students to take everything they haveexperienced in the past four years and come up with a style oftheir own.


Jill Colbert

Art is freedom for senior Jill Colbert and that is the reasonthat this art show was important to her.

“We could do almost anything we wanted,” said Colbert. “We couldtry out different kinds of media that we haven’t really tried inthe past.”

While dipping into various styles of art and design likeBauhaus, Colbert said that she does have some favorite areas whenit comes to art.

“I’m really into fine art, pop art, and the graphics area,” saidColbert.

With the goal of doing graphic design with a media publication,Colbert has enjoyed the freedom of expressing herself throughart.


Kristen Erickson

When ideas started running through her head last spring, seniorKristen Erickson began to prepare for this year’s Senior ArtShow.

Erickson said this show has helped her to put her work togetherinto one final project.

“It allows students to create a culmination of their work.”

She has been influenced by modern art, especially Germanexpressionism and Bauhaus.

“I have always been interested in design, especially graphicdesign and aesthetics,” said Erickson.

Erickson plans on going to graduate school to study museumstudies and art exhibition design.


Christi Frye

Anything and everything is an inspiration when it comes to artfor senior Christi Frye.

“I always did art in high school. I thought I’d like to try itin college,” said Frye.

Frye said that this senior art show is very important to her.She said it depicts a lot of maturity from her freshman year to nowand it is also a sense of pride for her.

Frye is hoping that an upcoming internship leads her in theright direction for a job in the art field.


Chris Kuhn

Enjoyment of art is the reason senior Chris Kuhn is majoring inart.

“It’s just something that I was interested in,” said Kuhn.

Kuhn said that he does not really have any inspirations when itcomes to art, but rather works on his own style of drawing.

Kuhn’s goal is to go into graphic design and also do somecoaching.

This show has helped him work on his abilities in drawing.

With his pieces now placed before the campus, Kuhn said that helikes all of his art.

“They all have their own qualities to them.”


Michael Proctor

Already with a job in hand, senior Michael Proctor has noworries about this art show.

With a major in art emphasizing graphic design, Proctor saidthat he has been preparing for this art show since his freshmanyear. With no real favorite in the art show, Proctor said that thisshow is important.

“It gives you more insight into the world of art.”


Tiffini Steele

Senior Tiffini Steele said that this art show is very importantto her because an art show helps an artist show what they can do inthe real world with art and it gets the pieces out to be seen byothers.

“It gives you an opportunity for the Simpson community to seeyour work.”

While working on her art for this show and in the past, Steelesaid that she did not really have any inspirations outside ofherself.

“My whole life inspires me,” she said.

With thoughts in mind of going to graduate school andaspirations of opening her own gallery, Steele said that shewouldn’t want to do anything else.


Andy Weaver

Senior Andy Weaver had never really expressed himself throughart before arriving at Simpson College, but he felt comfortabledoing it.

Weaver said that art has broadened his possibilities of findinga job after graduation, though Weaver said that he hopes to find ajob in an art related field.

One of his works, a model of human figures, was Weaver’sfavorite because all of them were of his girlfriend.

With this art show on campus, Weaver said that it is good forthe community.

“I think any time you get a show on campus, it is a goodthing.”