CCS makes changes for 2004


by Shara Tibken

With two career fairs, dozens of appointments and a new program,February is a busy month for Counseling and Career Services.

“CCS is a resource that can help students and provide tools thatthey can use to further their job search,” said Denice Ross Haynes,director of counseling and career services.

Students have been taking advantage of the services that CCSoffers in greater numbers than in past years, according to KateBurrell, career specialist.

Over 40 employers and graduate school representatives will bevisiting Cowles Ahtletic Center on Feb. 5 from 10 a.m. to 2:30p.m.

“The career fair is something we’ve always done, but we’re goingto do some new things at the career fair to make it moreinteractive for students from freshman through senior year,” saidBurrell.

Along with being informational to students, the career fair canalso be a vital source of careers for seniors ready tograduate.

“It’s the best way, the most convenient way for students to findout what kind of jobs are out there,” said Burrell.

CCS advises students planning to attend the career fair to lookover the list of employers in advance in order to determine whichones they would like to talk to. Students are encouraged toconsider all employers attending the career fair.

“I think that it’s important for students to understand that itwould be very tempting to look at the sheet of company names andthink that there’s nobody that they want to work for and decide notto come, but I think to come for the activity of the career fair ismore important than to talk with the companies,” said RossHaynes.

The career counselors also stressed that it is important toconsider everything while job searching.

“You don’t want to turn anything down right now while you’reexploring,” said Ross Haynes.

Along with the upcoming career fair, CCS will be offering aservice to students who don’t have time to make appointments inadvance or simply have a quick question for the counselors.

New for this semester counselors Burrell, Ross Haynes and CraigPeck will be available for questions at the Holy Grounds CoffeeShop in Smith Chapel the first Friday of every month from 9 a.m. to11 a.m.

CCS has many opportunities to offer. The students only have totake advantage of them.

“We like to provide a place where students can come and beuncertain,” said Ross Haynes. “They can express their uncertainty,and we can serve as sounding boards to start the process of theirsearch.”