La Hacienda brings a taste of Mexico to Midwest


by Vista Kalipa

La Hacienda

January 22, 2004

Vista Kalipa

Staff Writer

Located on Army Post Road on the south side of Des Moines, LaHacienda attracts a very diverse group of patrons. The swift andvery pleasant service provided by the staff is what makes LaHacienda stand out from other restaurants.

The cleanliness of the place gives a really good indication ofwhat else is to come. A good dining experience begins with thewelcome as you arrive to the presentation of your bill.

Surveying the environment, I looked at the bright orange wallswith very colorful deco, which immediately makes you feel as thoughyou are suddenly dining in Mexico. It felt and seemed real.

There’s a wide variety of items on the menu, which range form aselection of appetizers to entrees big enough to feed more than oneperson. The complimentary chips and salsa are prepared to a finecrisp, which gives the patron a glance to the authenticity of themeals here.

I ordered an Enchilada Hacienda, which consists of a beef,chicken and been enchiladas, topped with lettuce and sour cream,and a flavorful sauce for garnish. It was excellent. It was nothinglike you’ve tasted before. From preparation to presentation mystomach was enticed.

My companion, senior Diana Stoic said that she always feels likeshe is eating a home-cooked when she dines at La Hacienda.

Indeed, the meal at La Hacienda tasted like an authentichome-cooked meal.

Stoic had a sizzling fajita, which she raved about saying, “It’sthe best fajita I’ve ever had.”

The quality of the food will definitely not disappoint you. Itis prepared and presented to you in no time at all.

Service can either make or ruin your dining experience, but Iassure you at La Hacienda, it will make your meal. It is very quickand pleasant. The waiters check the table quite frequently,removing all the unnecessary stuff you might have.

The ambiance is also pleasant. Background music is set at theright volume, creating a very intimate mood.

The prices are reasonable, ranging from $5 to $11 anentr����e. They also make flavorsome Margaritas, which I hadthe pleasure of tasting.

The overall dining experience at La Hacienda is highlyrecommendable. It is delightful and authentic and you absolutelyget your money’s worth.

If you haven’t been, I suggest you make the trip up there. It’sworth it!