Theatre travels to Denver for exploration, learning

by Lindsey Ehrenfelt

The 11 hour trip to Denver was a small task for the SimpsonTheatre Arts Department, who attended a performing arts and designfestival for six whole days.

Approximately 25 performing arts students from Simpson tooktheir show on the road to Denver, Colo. Feb. 19th through Feb. 24thto compete in rehearsed monologues and prop designs.

“There were so many amazing, talented people who were at thefestival along with professional designers we were able to meet andtalk with,” said senior James Palmer. “There were so many newideas, it was just a great experience.”

Many people competed in the monologue competition along with theprop design category at the festival. Among these students wasjunior Rachael Burrow who won first place in prop design.

Another student that participated in the festival was juniorMandy Peters, who competed and did well in the design category.

“I had a great time while at the festival. The most excitingpart of the week for me was seeing the finalists compete. Therewere only 16 finalists out of 330 people who attended,” saidPeters. “It was cool to see how many talented people were thereincluding Simpson, so it was just a great learning experience aswell as a great time.”

Overall the students had a great time and an even betterexperience. From meeting new people, seeing others’ ideas, andspending time rehearsing with the faculty who went along, the tripwas considered a worthwhile experience.