Bogaards brings it all together for the Storm

Bogaards brings it all together for the Storm

by Jack Sawyer

Simpson junior and women’s basketball forward Ashley Bogaardshas shown head women’s basketball coach Brian Niemuth just what adifference a year makes.

“She’s definitely done a really nice job of looking to scoremore than she did last year,” said Niemuth. “The biggest changeI’ve seen is her maturity and willing to take on a bigger role onthe team.”

According to Niemuth, Bogaards has established her role on theteam as a scoring threat and most importantly, as a rebounder.

“We’re definitely a better team when she rebounds,” saidNiemuth.

In fact, the Storm, who are 14-4 in season play this year, havewon eight of the 10 games in which Bogaards has led the team inrebounds. Her 6.2 rebounds-per-game average is the second higheston the team.

However, Bogaards isn’t just a threat to missed shots. She alsocontributes 13.9 points per game and has blocked 14 shots thisseason, which also puts her amongst the team leaders in bothstatistical categories.

“She’s overall a pretty versatile player,” said Niemuth, whoalso said that Bogaards has made her presence felt as a teamcaptain.

“She’s a positive, pick you up when you’re down type leader,”said Niemuth. “I think with her maturity, she’s become a littlemore outspoken.”

Bogaards, who, according to Niemuth, entered the starting lineuponly at the end of the 2003-04 season, has definitely made herselfknown as a starter in all 18 games this season. She has led theteam in points in seven of those eighteen games and the Storm are6-1 when she is the top scorer.

But basketball isn’t all about points and rebounds forBogaards.

Her favorite parts of the game aren’t figured in the books,they’re found in her team.

“I like competing and being with my teammates,” said Bogaards.”It’s always exciting to see them every day.”

Bogaards said she believes that, ultimately, the team’s successisn’t due to the numbers they have each compiled, it’s because oftheir teamwork.

“We’re a very close team,” said Bogaards. “When we’re on thecourt, we’re together.”