Simply Stated

by Simpson Community

Hooray for hot Indianola High School boys! Take me to theprom!!!!


Peter I love you!


With regards to the editorial on breasts…

It is only skin and nothing can change that. All of our skinserves a function, but is it really a big deal? Breasts have beenan integral part of many cultures throughout time, ours included.Why is it such a big deal to not think that much of seeing one ontelevision. Get a clue, we are surrounded by breasts and you’re notgoing to make it through life without seeing one. And it is just aboob; half the world’s population has them. They aren’t anythingparticularly special with the exception for the function theyserve. However, they are not even used for that function oftentimesin modern societies. So why is it that they are a big dealagain?

-The Yellow Dart

This week’s letter to the editor: “The true purpose of thebreast is to feed children” is the biggest bunch of anti-woman bullI have heard in a long time on this campus. So you are saying as achildfree woman my breasts (in essence me) have no purpose in life?What are you going to say next, the vagina is for birth only?

-Real Woman

Dear CHA-CHING: First of all, tuition is increasing in EVERYprivate AND public institution in Iowa. If you would be in touchwith the news, you would find the problems legislature is tacklingwith education now. It is NOT Simpson’s fault, rather Simpson &President LaGree are trying hard to find ways to help students withthis state AND national issue. I would encourage you to put yourrage into a letter to your senator and register to vote in the nextelection, rather than complaining without all the facts!