Water aerobicize your workout with Intramurals

by Meghan Disburg

Whether you have gained the freshman 15, want to work on yourbody for your upcoming spring break excursion, or are you justbored with your normal workout routine, Simpson’s intramural waterand land aerobic classes are for you.

This program will start Feb. 3 and run through April 21 withstudent instructors, sophomore Becka Neary and sophomore LauraDillavou.

The land aerobics portion will be held on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. inCamp Lounge and the water aerobics will be in Cowles’ pool at 9p.m. Schedules are posted all over campus, and as usual, a massemail will be sent out to notify everyone of meeting times.

Nicole Darling, director of intramural activities, is hoping tohave good interest in this program. It was offered last year wherethey had around 74 participants in total throughout the wholesemester.

“One of our instructors is also an RA, so she’s had many peoplecomment to her about it,” said Darling.

There are two parts to this weekly workout schedule that willmix the cardiovascular benefits of aerobics with the resistance ofwater. Water weights, foot paddles, pilates, and kick boxing aresome of the techniques used in these classes. Neary pointed outthat the water portion is a low-impact workout and can beaccomplished by anyone. She also said she thinks the variety ofworkouts will help attendance.

“They have a choice and they can do it both if they want,” saidNeary.

Neary also insists it isn’t all hard work. They like to have funand keep the atmosphere relaxed, open and fun.

“It’s much more of a social hour. It’s organized and structured,but students can chit chat,” said Neary.

This intramural activity is replacing last semester’s popularyoga class, and there has already been interest expressed in it.Sophomore Lezlee Spurgin participated in last year’s water aerobicclasses and enjoyed it.

“It was a lot of fun. I like the water. It just made it easierto work out,” said Spurgin.

She also commented how it was a nice departure from the everydayworkout norm and thinks that students should definitely try it ifthey are even slightly interested.

“It’s something different from just going into the weight roomand working out,” said Spurgin.

Darling added, “Everyone’s welcome. You don’t have to belifeguard certified to participate.

Participating students will earn points for the IM Cup at theend of the year when they attend each session. Prizes for thebuilding with the most points will most likely be shorts ort-shirts.

So if you need a little activity or a change of pace duringthese frosty winter months, check out the water and land aerobicssessions.