Finding a phone that fits

Finding a phone that fits

by Becka Neary

Can you hear me now? Good.

Making the decision about what plan, phone style and features tolook for are just a few obstacles students face when purchasing acell phone to fit their needs.

Deciding what plan fits you and at what price, is the first stepin researching a cell phone.

There are many companies claiming to offer the best rates, it isjust a matter of asking the right questions.

According to Verizon Wireless they have a plan for anyone. Theirmost popular plan, America’s Choice Plan, is a custom plan allowingthe consumer to choose the amount of day time minutes, mobile tomobile minutes, and nights and weekend minutes all for variousprices.

One example of this plan would be 400 anytime minutes, 1,000anytime mobile to mobile, and unlimited nights and weekends for$39.99 a month.

For some students, good reception is the most important aspectof a new phone.

This was true for freshman Kara Sexson from Bartlesville,Okla.

“I looked for a national plan that would receive good receptionon all the highways that I travel to get here,” said Sexson.

If features and phone style are the priority, Verizon Wirelessalso has many options to choose from.

Features offered include camera phones, text messaging,walkie-talkies and web accessible phones. Students need to keep inmind that these features come at a cost.

Sophomore Zach Rapp was more interested in phone features andstyle.

“I knew exactly what I wanted, it had to be a silver flip phone,with all the features I could afford,” said Rapp, “I’m still notsure how to work all those cool features.”

Verizon Wireless is only one of the many cell phone distributorsin the area. Another distributor is Radio Shack.

Radio Shack teams up with Sprint and Verizon Wireless as anational carrier for their phones and plans.

Radio Shack associates are Verizon Wireless and Sprint PCScertified.

Both services are offered at most Radio Shack locations.

You’ll get the same money-

saving national rebates and rate plans that are offered at theindividual company stores.

T-Mobile is also a very popular choice among college studentsallowing costumers three-day weekends which is not seen in theother choices.

Freshman Nina Ward, from Kansas City, Mo., is a T-Mobilecustomer.

“I heard about the three day weekends and I need to update myplan so I can get an extra day free,” said Ward.

T-Mobile ranges in plans priced from $19.99 to $129.99 a month.Each plan is arranged to fit the needs of the buyer with the amountof minutes increasing in every category.

One benefit T-Mobile has to offer is they have a variety ofphone brands. Some examples are Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, and SonyEricsson.

If technology and features are your thing than US Cellular isyour place. US Cellular offers easyedge phones powered by BREW,which is an advanced wireless system that allows downloading games,news, sports, ring tones, stock quotes, and more.

Easyedge also allows connecting between laptops and PDA’s,allowing for wireless Internet within the coverage area.

Students should realize that every cell phone carrier has dealsand promotions and, as a consumer, they must be aware of these andpurchase wisely. Most carriers will have a phone and or plan to fitany need.