Technology makes graduation audit easier


by Kelly Sander

Graduation audit will be the official graduation application forthe class of 2005 who have at least Simpson 70 credit hours.

“I think it’s going to revolutionize the way we doapplications,” said Registrar John Bolen. “Everything you need todo is right there.”

The setup is similar, except there are two extra pages, one forsignatures and the other for listing classes that will be taken inthe future.

Degree audit turns into graduation audit when a student hascompleted 70 credits and is set up to run off the catalogue.Students will be able to print off a nearly filled out form offStorm Front.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said junior Crystal VanDeCasteele.”Its fewer steps we need to take to get them the information.”

Assistant Professor of Management, Tom Schmidt said the newapplication process puts “more of the process in the student’shands” as they can check their progress on the web.

He also thinks it will take some pressure off the advisors, asthe form is close to completion when it is printed.

The old system took more time and effort on behalf of thestudent and advisor. Students had to get an official form and writein every class completed and what classes were going to be takensenior year. If there was a mistake in the form

Signatures from the advisor, department chair and student arestill required.

It’s extremely important to carefully check the graduation auditto make sure everything is correct.

“On average one to two students get ‘surprised,'” saidBolen.

The registrar’s office pulls the files of those students whohave less than 64 Simpson credits and high grade point averages.They then notify the students to let them know they need to makesure they will have at least 64 credits from Simpson. If a studenthas less than 64 Simpson credit hours, they cannot graduate withhonors. They can complete the requirement at a later time and thenearn their honor status.

It’s important to turn in the applications a year beforegraduation.

“It gives us a chance to contact the student while there’s stilltime,” said Bolen.

The registrar’s office will contact students who have to takemore credits in order to graduate.

Senior Lloyd Schemmel was contacted by the registrar’s officelast year

“After I did my senior application and found out I had two moreclasses I had to take,” said Schemmel.

The registrar’s office would like to have applications turned inby March 1. However, it is possible to turn in an applicationduring May Term.

“On average, one person looks over 400 applications,” saysBolen. “So the sooner the better.”

If there are any questions about your audit, contact JohnBolen.

Here’s a short list of things to pay attention to when lookingover the application.

* Make sure foreign language and math competencies arefulfilled

* Make sure a history and literature requirements have been met,excluding music majors.

* Students transferring in credits are required to take at least64 credit hours from Simpson.