Bar Review

Bar Review

by Lindsey Ehrenfelt

Do you want to party like an animal, rekindle your mojo orexperience a different culture? Well you’re in luck! You can do allthree of these things right here in Indianola.

The Zoo, Mojo’s and the Irishman are three different bars thatsurround the square, but each offers a touch of somethingdifferent.

I began my bar hopping at the Irishman. To some, you may thinkof an Irish bar to be loud and crazy, with people throwing downbeers, but it was the total opposite.

This bar was filled with adults ranging from approximately 25 to50 years of age. The atmosphere was filled with laid-back peoplewho just liked to have a good time playing pool and listening to’80s rock.

After taking a few peaks at the customer’s drinks of choice Irealized that many of them were drinking soda rather than analcoholic beverage. This could be so because the bathrooms werepretty small and it’s hard to wait when you really have to go.

Overall this bar has only one pool table and not too muchseating or standing area, but a pleasant place to go and chat withfriends.

After spending some time at the Irishman, I took a trip to thenext featured bar, which was Mojo’s.

This was a totally different experience than the Irishman. Thisbar was filled mostly with young adults from 21 to 35 years of age.Besides the extreme amounts of second-hand smoke, Mojo’s offers notone, not two, but four pool tables for the enjoyment of patrons.There is a lot of space for people to sit and stand as well.

The cleanliness of this bar was pretty good, other than thelayer of dust that covered the display of available bottled beersthat lined the bar. The bathrooms also looked similar to most bars,used and abused.

Finally, on to The Zoo. The name of this bar says it all: it’swhere you can go to act like an animal.

The Zoo is a two-story bar that offers two pool tables on thelower level and a small to medium sized dance floor on the upperlevel. There are also numerous touch screen games that many peoplelike to play while enjoying a drink from the full sized bar. Afterwalking around and chatting with different people, many said thatthey loved going there or Mojo’s.

The biggest complaint about The Zoo was the location of thebathrooms. The bathroom doors swing right open to the bar, which isabout 6 feet away. Some have also complained about how the girls’bathroom has two toilets, but no dividing wall or doors.

After having the same mixed drink of choice at each bar, Iconcluded that The Zoo and Mojo’s were neck and neck, while theIrishman was far behind since I think they forgot to add thealcohol.

All of these bars offer a good time, so it’s up to you to choosewhich is your favorite. Remember, you must be 21years of age with avalid ID to enter each of them and always drink responsibly