In search of the perfect internship

In search of the perfect internship

by Ben Frotscher

Most students on campus are starting to look for that summersource of income, otherwise known as an internship.

“We have had a dramatic increase in student appointments,” saidKate Burrell, career specialist for Counseling and CareerServices.

The jump in student appointments could be related to a rise inthe amount of internships available.

Ann Greubel, administrative assistant to career services, saidthat businesses have decided to hire more interns instead of addingpositions in their companies, which is great for collegestudents.

Greubel said that the career fair, which is today in CowlesAthletic Center, will be a great way for students to start theirsearch.

There will be a variety of companies and graduate schools tohelp point students in the right direction. From banks to schoolsand police departments, there will be a little bit for everybody atthe career fair.

Besides the career fair, students can check out internships onthe JoBulletin. Full-time positions, internships and summer jobsare all posted and the JoBulletin is updated regularly with thenewest openings.

Simpson is also a member of the Iowa Private College CareerConsortium, which includes 21 private colleges in the state ofIowa. The consortium offers the opportunity to meet with employers,gain information about employers in a desired career field and findcareer direction, along with interviewing experience.

Other ways to be spotted by a company offering internshipsonline are through MonsterTrak and Internship Search on the careerservices Web site.

These sites allow students to find internships and jobs anywhereand at any time. Students can also post resum����s on thesite

Sophomore Kathryn Fenneman, who is a criminal justice major, hasbeen using some of the career counseling Web sites that are foundon career services site.

“I am looking for an internship out in New York City,” saidFenneman. “I want to get out of Iowa.”

Sophomore Shani Blair, a secondary education major, is one ofmany Simpson students looking online at search engines likeGoogle.

“I’m looking for an internship in a publishing agency or amagazine,” said Blair.

While students tend to look online for their future, Greubelsaid that career services also uses target e-mails that showstudents when there are internships available in their major.

Gruebel said that it is easiest to find internships available inbusiness majors like marketing or in communications relatedmajors.

If you’re still having trouble finding that perfect internship,try visiting one of the counselors on campus.

Greubel said that students are always asking themselves thequestion of how to put themselves above the rest and getnoticed.

“Applying for the internship is the toughest part because thereis a lot of competition,” said Greubel. “We try and give ourstudents every opportunity to find jobs, internships, and graduateschools.”

Both Fenneman and Blair agreed that the hardest thing is to findtime to do the actual search and sift through the different typesof internships available.

“Start early and just keep looking until you find the one thatyou are looking for,” said Blair.