Valentine’s Gift


by Becka Neary

As many students struggle to find the perfect Valentine’s Daygift, local retailers are looking forward to the increase insales.

According to, sixty-eight milliondollars were spent on domestically produced roses in 2001. Rosesalso generated the highest receipts of any type of cut flower.

Although many seem to think that roses are the answer for thisValentine’s Day, Jennifer Taylor, a Hy-Vee floral designer, doesn’tthink so.

“College guys are in the mentality that girls want roses, it isa mindless task. They are willing to drop the money as long as theyget a rose and walk out,” she said.

According to the Hy-Vee floral department their prices arecomparable to others in the area.

One dozen roses cost $65.

A single rose is $4, $10 in a vase.

A dozen carnations cost $30.

“A lot of college students buy raps either single, six or adozen roses,” said Taylor.

Along with Hy-Vee, Mary’s Hallmark located on the square isanother stop for Valentine’s Day merchandise. Their most popularitems are cards and plush stuffed animals. This year Hallmark isfeaturing blushing bears and heart pillows.

The blushing bears are $12.95 or $6.95 with the purchase ofthree cards.

The heart pillow is $9.95, but with any Hallmark purchase it isonly $4.95.

On this nationwide day of happiness and celebration of love,roses are not the only answers.

Susan Birchen, a sophomore believes that Valentine’s Day shouldbe more personal and should reflect time and thought put into thegift.

“Although roses are a popular flower they are also the mostpersonal flower,” commented Birchen.

If flowers and candy seem impersonal or if they aren’t at thetop of the list, choosing a well thought out, intimate gift thatmeans something to the relationship is another idea.

Sophomore Chris Fink has already received his Valentine’s Daygift.

“I have never been skiing so my girlfriend and I are taking askiing trip,” said Fink.

If help is still needed there are many more ideas of gifts thatcan be given on Valentine’s Day that are cost efficient as well ascreative. Some examples that are listed at http://www.allsands.cominclude creating a scrapbook, writing a poem, baking cookies,designing personal coupons or making a memory box.

“I am a huge fan of baking cupcakes for my boyfriend,” saidBirchen.

Finding the perfect gift may be difficult but it will only bemore difficult on the day of. Advice from many local retailers isto purchase early and avoid the rush.

“It is survival of the fittest on Friday and Saturday, there canbe as many as 10 to 20 people waiting,” said Taylor.