Girls’ Night for Valentine’s Day

Girls Night for Valentines Day

by Shawna McChurch

Valentine’s Day is now upon us. It’s a time to celebrate thosewho hold a special place in your heart. Boyfriends, girlfriends,spouses, parents, siblings and best friends should all becelebrated on this special day.

My roommates and I began planning our girls’ night out forValentine’s Day over a month ago. We planned a big dinner and amovie, but these plans had to change because of schedulingconflicts. Instead, we decided to stay in and party early.

We started by gathering the key elements for the evening. Weneeded a big batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, lots of ourfavorite sodas, the latest magazines and a good movie.

For those who are not inclined to spend time mixing all thenecessary ingredients for cookies, pre-made dough can be found inthe cooler section of any grocery store. If you aren’t lucky enoughto have an oven or a friend with an oven, this step can be replacedby simply purchasing a package of your favorite cookies.

While the cookies were baking, we sat around, and readmagazines, sharing the interesting and fun details with each other.We read from popular magazines, such as Cosmo, InStyle, Glamour andLifetime. Some may consider these to be “smut” magazines, but theywere perfect for a girls’ night out (or in).

When the cookies were finished, we piled them on a plate andmade our way to the living room to watch a movie. Our choice moviefor the evening was “Under the Tuscan Sun”, starring DianeLane.

Recently released on VHS and DVD, the movie is a great chicflick that tells the story of a woman, Frances Mayes (Lane), whojust went through a rough divorce. She spends time alone, goes on atrip to Tuscany, purchases a villa and begins a new life.

Frances is constantly searching for a man to love, which to herequates to happiness. In the end, however, she learns that she ishappy with her life, man or no man. She learns that family and loveis found in those whom you care for and hold dear.

Which brings us back to Valentine’s Day. Whether you have asignificant other or not, spend time with someone you cherish. Callyour parents and tell them you love them. Visit your best friendsfrom high school. Or stay home, make cookies, laugh and enjoy thecompany of your roommates. Whatever you do, have a very happyValentine’s Day.