Greek Week

by Becka Neary

Greek Week schedules are incorporating real life issue into theweek of activities and living up to this year’s theme, “The realGreek World”.

A change in philanthropy, adding New Voters Project, Jr. Greekactivities and Campus Day are all modifications for the 2004 GreekWeek.

Although changes are being made in some areas others remain asyears past. Again the award system is based on points received fromeach team’s participation in each activity. Keeping with the theme,there will be a challenge that will be modeled after the televisionshows, “Real World Road Rules Challenge.”

Senior Mandy Frohling and junior Dustin Smothers are the GreekWeek Co-chairs and have been meeting once a week to discuss newevents and activities.

One of the changes this year is the philanthropy activity. Ithas been changed to benefit a refugee family in another country.Each team will receive a list of eighty items that will ultimatelyequip a family with everything needed to furnish a home.

Frohling came up with this idea when a case manager fromLutheran Services came to talk to a class she was in.

Smothers and Frohling commented that they are inviting thefamily to the dessert banquet at the conclusion of the week’sactivities.

“This is a redeeming philanthropy to see exactly where ourefforts go,” said Smothers.

Another addition to the list of activities is the New VotersProject. Students who register to vote will receive pointsaccording to a set percentage of participants.

Points will also be granted to those new members who attend theJr. Greek New Member Retreat. Junior Sarah Meyer is the Jr. GreekAdvisor and said the retreat is not the only event organized by Jr.Greek members. They are also challenging the teams to buildchariots that in the end will be put to a race.

“I think that chariot races will be interesting and fun andhopefully get people more involved,” commented Meyer.

Campus Day has also been added to the Simpson calendar and fallsin the middle of Greek Week. Again, points will be given to thosehaving teams and participating in Campus Day.

“We are trying to balance things and trying to be involved inthe campus and community,” said Nicole Stumo, Greek advisor.

Frohling and Smothers are working with the help of Stumo tofinalize schedules and activities for the week.

Smothers and Frohling both agree that Greek Week gives studentsa week to celebrate being Greek and show campus that they are agroup.