Flipside Faces

Flipside Faces

by April Zobel

You might know her as the “Salsa Queen,” or maybe as the kindface that is always available to lend a listening ear or it justmight be that you know her by her ability to speak Espanolfluently! Whatever your case, we at Flipside Faces believe that youshould know her.

It’s not everyday that you meet someone who has the ambition tospeak Spanish every day, all day. “I just want to learn somethingnew all the time, you know, just always be taking a class parttime.” That’s ambition.

If that isn’t enough, senior Erin Whitford plans on volunteeringas long as she can.

It might be her kindness or subtle wild side that struck oureye. When asked what her favorite drink was, Whitford replied,”alcoholic or otherwise?”

Whitford’s friendliness and kind smile doesn’t give herjustice.

Those who know her are inundated with her captivatingpersonality.

Whether she’s excelling at classes in Granada, Spain or here atSimpson, or her excitement to reconnect with First FederatedChurch, she is living the “Simpson Experience!”