Senior looks to ‘cap’ off successful college career

Senior looks to cap off successful college career

by Matt Bower

Senior Jessica Capper has had many accomplishments in her fouryears as a member of the Simpson women’s track and field team.

Among those accomplishments, she has set and broken severalschool records and she has twice provisionally qualified for theNCAA Division III Championships.

Last year, Capper provisionally qualified for the 2003 NCAADivision III Outdoor Championships in the shot put and this yearshe qualified for the NCAA Division III Indoor Championships. Thisis quite an accomplishment considering this was Capper’s first timecompeting in indoor track.

“I’ve only done indoor for one year because I also playedbasketball,” said Capper.

Even though this was her only year performing in indoorcompetition, Capper qualified for the championships in large partdue to her fierce work ethic and positive attitude.

“She is very focused and meticulous,” said head coach WayneStacy. “She sets high standards for herself.”

Capper enjoys the individual aspect of the sport. “You arecompeting against yourself,” said Capper. “This allows you to pushyourself to do your best.”

Capper participates in the weight throw for indoor competitionand the hammer and discus in outdoor competition.

The discus is Capper’s favorite event. She says the motions aremore graceful and appear more fluid, which just makes it that muchmore appealing to watch. She also says that it provides morechallenges than the weight throw because you must also deal withthe weather and its changing conditions in addition to otherelements.

The weight toss isn’t a picnic either.

“It is very difficult. People think you’re just tossing a heavyball, but it’s more than that,” said Capper. “Every day somethingelse can be worked on, it’s a never-ending challenge.”

For this reason, Capper believes many throwers don’t get theproper respect or appreciation they deserve. However, Capper’sdetermination and effort do not go unnoticed to coach Stacy.

“She puts in a lot of effort and expects a lot,” said Stacy.”She’s never satisfied and always wants to do better.”

Capper hopes to make it to the national championships in outdoorcompetition, which she has competed in all four years here atSimpson. She has her name on the wall for the discus and hammerevents but she feels she can do better.

“I want to throw three feet further than I’ve ever thrownbefore,” said Capper. “I want to break the records I alreadyhave.”

This drive for perfection and constant will to improve issomething that Capper has found being a member of the Simpson trackteam. “You get something out of being a team member,” said Capper.”Track is different from most other sports because it’s individual,but the support from your teammates combined with competing withthem in competition creates a bond and appreciation for all thework that is put in.”

Capper says that perseverance and determination are common onthe Simpson team.

“People stick with it and the dedication is there,” saidCapper.

Capper puts in a lot of effort and hard work as a member of theteam but she has balance that with being a student teacher. Thissometimes causes her to have to practice at odd times according toStacy.

“She’s involved with team building and plays an organizationalrole; she does all she can,” said Stacy. “She’s the same way in theclass room as she is on the field.”