Simply Stated

by Simpson College campus

On the bar situation…the bars in Indianola are all crap. TheZoo is a dive. The bar is small and the bathrooms are in the way ofeverything. If you want to go to a real bar go to Third Base inWest Des Moines or Mickeys in Clive, or basically any bar in IowaCity.

~ Spoiled from U of I

Does the entire Simpson community suddenly need to knowEVERYTHING that goes on with every student? I find it ridiculousand desperate of the Simpsonian to publish every detail of thedumpster fire case as well as other RANDOM criminal activity oncampus. Maybe we should get an article for each time someone iswritten up in the dorms. Dirtballs.

~ Private Dick

To Spoiled from U of I

Too bad you don’t just go back to the U. We all really don’tcare if you are here or not. We like our Zoobar and could care lessif you were there or not. So….go on back to Brothers and Malonesand drink your Shiner Bock bottles and White Russians….and we’llenjoy our $1 wells and draws. Mostly I think you are a punk and aswanky jerk.

~ Lovin the Zoo

To Nerd~

We’ll take you to prom. If by prom you mean my room with lots ofalcohol and no clothes.

~ Turd Ferguson

Hey turd, how about we come to my room instead…since I don’tlive with my parents anymore… 😉

~ nerd

The Simpsonian is doing a great job. After a semester of gossipand sex stories, they are covering news that really matters. Theyare not invading everyone’s personal life; they are covering newsthat involves Simpson students and an issue that people have beentalking about. The Record Herald also covered the dumpster firesstory, should they get out of the personal lives of the people wholive in this town? I think not.

~ Finally, Real News

Has any one else noticed on how one week the people that wereresponsible for the dumpster fires were charged with felonies thenthe next they weren’t? Don’t you think running their pictures was abit excessive? Border line harassment. Maybe legal action is inline?

~ Learn to write

Shut up. You’re all stupid. If you don’t know the rules of whata newspaper can and can’t print, then don’t try to talk about it.Oh, and if you don’t want your name/face in the paper, don’t dostupid stuff (i.e. break the law). Duh. Go push yourselves down thestairs.

~ nerd