Ramos to become part of new faculty

Ramos to become part of new faculty

by Kelly Sander

Barb Ramos’ career move brings her to Simpson College, where shewill be an Instructor in the Education Department.

Ramos’ past experience in teaching will assist her as she makesa transition to Simpson.

“She has an expertise in Human Growth and Development, saidAcademic Dean Bruce


Starting this fall, Ramos will teach Human Growth andDevelopment as well as supervise student teachers. The rest of heractivities have not been specifically outlined. They will dependlargely on the number of sections of Human Growth and Developmentshe will be teaching.

Ramos said she wanted to come to Simpson because it was the nextstep in her career.

“I taught one or two sections of Human Growth and Development atUpper Iowa’s Des Moines Center each year for the last fourteenyears,” says Ramos.

Ramos also has 14 years of counseling under her belt.

“I have been the counselor at Irving Elementary in Indianola forthe past eight years,” says Ramos. “Before that I was an elementarycounselor in the Southeast Polk district for six years.”

Though Ramos has an experienced background, she will be spendingextra time in the classroom. This time she won’t be an instructor,she will be a student. R

Ramos does not have her doctorate, though she does have plans togo back to school in the near future to finish her education.

Not to worry though, says Haddox.

“We advertised this position as Ph. D. preferred, though notrequired,” said Haddox. He also makes the point that many teachersdon’t have their doctorates. Those who are in the school settingwith doctorates are usually part of the administration.

“You don’t have a great pool of people, who have theirdoctorates in education, who are ready to teach college,” saidHaddox.

Ramos will have six years to complete her doctorate, saidHaddox. During the seventh year of teaching, professors are up fortenure.

Ramos also thought she was a good candidate for Simpson becauseshe already has a “good community feeling for Indianola andSimpson.”

Haddox thinks she will be a good addition to Simpson.

“She is very enthusiastic, intelligent and likeable.”