Simply Stated

by Simpson Campus

So why is it that no matter what the basketball teams, orwrestling team or football team does they have all these articlesin the paper? But there is never anything about swimming, even whenDana qualified for Nationals and set a couple new school records atthe last swim meet a couple weeks ago. There has been nothing saidabout it.


Nerd, My name is Brent Scheve and I have nothing to hide. I knowthose accused of the fires are innocent. As for the “rules” haveyou ever heard of libel or slander? How about innocent until provenguilty? Why don’t you quit hiding behind your fake name and stopmaking yourself sound unintelligent. As for the Simp/Andrea whydon’t you wait and find out the whole story before you ruinstudent’s reputations.


Mr. Brent Scheve,

Don’t you think that people who work at a newspaper know therules? Honestly, you’re not fooling anyone-GET DUMBER!


Hey irritated…why don’t you type in swimming or Dana Kuikeninto the archives section and find that just two weeks ago, and theweek previous, we ran a story about the swim team and an entirefront page profile on Kuiken. Get your info straight and if you aregoing to put down the sports staff, at least read it first to getit right. If you think you can do a better job, join the staff..Idare ya.


Brent, honestly. Do you think the newspaper staff doesn’t knowwhat it’s doing? You want to try to sue them for libel (in printit’s libel, not slander, by the way. slander is spoken. duh), I saygo for it. I’d love to see you make a jerk of yourself. It wouldmake me happy. The Simp/Andrea did not wreck anyone’s reputation.They wrecked it themselves when they decided to light the dumpsterson fire. So back off. The Simp did nothing wrong. Try findingsomething new to complain about…like your small wee-weeperhaps?