Simply Stated

by Simpson campus

I think a great article to run in the paper would be one aboutWriting Competency II and what it’s all about. I am a juniorgraduating in December and I just heard about this requirement amonth ago!!! Why is no one informing students about this? Are wejust supposed to magically know of this? I’ve talked to many othersabout this and virtually everyone either doesn’t have a clue whatit is or just recently found out themselves!

Someone needs to tell us about this so we can actually save ourpapers!

– Confused

Dear Concerned-

Student/faculty relationships??? More than a crush??? Details,you gossip monger you!!!

– You piqued my interest

Confused- if you want to find out about the Writing Comp IIstuff, there’s a packet in the library and the Hawley Center folksare pretty cool and could explain it to you…as far as being ajunior and not hearing about it I’m pretty surprised. Profs arealways talking about how this paper or that paper can be includedin the portfolio, since LAS…unless you’re a transfer student,which is a different story in itself.

Good luck, and keep your ears open from now on!

– Someone

I’m concerned about the lack of interesting stories in theSimpsonian. Two weeks left kids, let’s get it together.

– Raul

So…did Raul miss Vista’s most hilarious column ever? The J.D.Hews profile? The possibility of the end of may term? The weeklywellness?

I think each section had a standout article even if every storywasn’t outstanding. I think they try hard.

– Response to Raul

Lets hear it for Greek unity! I hope that The Real Greek Worldis a success.

– A new G.D.I…but standing proud for the Greeks!