Big bands at Simpson?

Big bands at Simpson?

by Mallory Higgins

Even though Simpson College is a small college, a major-labelband might be playing here sooner than students think.

According to Rich Ramos, advisor of the Campus Activities Board,a big-name band has always been something the group has beenlooking to bring to Simpson College.

“We are constantly looking and working to bring in a big-nameband,” said Ramos in reference to CAB, which has brought theViolent Femmes and Fiona Apple to campus in past years. “There arejust a lot more factors than money that go into bringing in a bigband.”

Some of the factors that contribute to a major act coming toSimpson are money, whether the band is up and coming or a one-hitwonder, and whether the band can fit Simpson into its schedule,said Ramos.

“Bands could be touring or recording, so that is wherescheduling conflicts happen,” he said.

Although money is one factor in bringing acts to the college, itisn’t the deciding factor. CAB has a budget of about $150,000 fromthe college and the Student Government Association, said Ramos, soa band, such as Maroon Five, that would cost $15,000 to

$25,000 would be reasonably priced.

Other factors that come into play when bringing in a big bandare the extra costs of things like catering, security, renting outfacilities and student volunteers.

“If we did bring in a big band, we would have to set up thevenue in Cowles, and that would require working in there all daywith setting up light and sound systems,” said Ramos.

CAB president Dan Carver had the same concern.

“If we did bring in a big band, all 20 members of CAB would haveto skip classes that day because it is a little more than just avan driving up, like with a smaller band,” said Carver. “There aretour busses and semi-trucks involved. We would have to help set up,take tickets and stuff like that.”

Carver said the type of band CAB would bring to Simpson would bea decision that would be tough to make.

“We don’t know if we would bring in a rock band like Maroon Fiveor a country band like Emerson Drive,” he said. “It all depends onwhat the students want.”

Carver stressed that CAB is here for students and that it isalways open for new ideas. Students can e-mail Carver atcarv[email protected] or Ramos at [email protected] with suggestionsand ideas or they can come to CAB meetings on Wednesday evenings inBrenton Student Center.

“In then end, it’s important to know that right now we are justlooking at bringing in a band like Maroon Five,” said Carver. “Weare bringing back smaller bands for sure, but a larger band is justsomething we are looking at. But I think that a big band will cometo Simpson by the time I graduate.”