SIFE is starting yet another great opportunity for Simpsonstudents

Members of SIFE have something to be proud about. Onlytwenty-four students, one advisor and what is hoped to be the nextbiggest business on the square, is something new for students hereat Simpson.

The opening started out slow, but members are optimistic aboutwhat’s to come. They offered free pizza to students this weekendand that’s just the beginning.

Not only is this business a great way to for SIFE members to gethands-on experience, it’s going to be an opportunity for allmembers of the Simpson community.

SIFE is offering part-time working positions at the StormCellar. They are going to offer the positions to Simpson studentsbefore opening it up to the whole community. The Storm Cellar isgoing to pay students minimum wage to work and training will beprovided.

This is yet another way for students around the campus to getinvolved and help out the college and SIFE members at the sametime. Students are alwas complaining that there is nothing to do intown, now there is another place to students to go with theirfriends for a night off campus.

Having the Storm Cellar open to students over age 18 after 10p.m. is a great way to draw college-aged people to the square. SIFEhas done a great job with following through with this project, andSimpson students should support them as they begin their newbusines journey on the square.